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Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail

Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail
Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail

Download the Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail app from iTunes or Google play or take a listen to the example audio from the Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail.

The beautiful village of Greyabbey, on the shores of Strangford Lough in County Down, has a 1000-year history that embraces Viking attacks, Norman invasions, Ulster-Scots settlement and United Irish Rebellion.  At its heart is a centuries-old abbey - one of the best preserved Cistercian abbeys in Ireland.  Following competitive tender, Oli was awarded the Greyabbey Village Heritage project, with the objective of using a range of media to unveil and reveal Greyabbey’s rich cultural history to a range of tourism audiences.

The initial tranche of work involved carrying out a detailed scoping exercise to identify all of Greyabbey’s historical elements, plus extensive research to establish their historical credentials.  This information formed the basis upon which the heritage trail was developed.  The trail embraced two key media – a high end app to take visitors on an absorbing investigation of the village; and, a series of five attractive and informative interpretation panels to highlight some of its most cultural significant features. 

The audio tour/signage trail begins within the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey Church, and leads visitors on a fascinating journey through the history of the village. The Greyabbey Village Heritage Trail can be downloaded off iTunes or on Google play.

In line with all of the Oli apps, the Greyabbey app offers an easy-to-use interface, with accompanying offline mapping to ensure the user knows exactly where they are and can track their progress. The Oli team also took careful consideration into the vocal component of the audio tour. Completed to Oli’s exemplary standards, on time and within the designated budget, the Greyabbey project is now live and ready to be enjoyed.

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