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Ring of Gullion

Ring of Gullion
Ring of Gullion

Download the Cú Chulainn Journey and the Fionn mac Cumhaill Adventure driving audio tour podcasts.

Oli has developed many outstanding audio trails across the UK & Ireland, Europe and further afield, and this project in the Ring of Gullion is no exception.  Covering a wide-geographic area right across this world-famous Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we developed two multi-lingual audio tours available either as a mp3 download or on CD.

This area is brimming with stories so we were privileged to produce two audio trails in four languages styled around a wide range of themes including heritage, geology and myths & legends of the region.

The tours include local characters, stories, music, poetry, vox pops and many lesser known facts about this remote area such as that the South Cairn on the summit of Slieve Gullion has the distinction of being the highest surviving Passage Tomb in Britain or Ireland, as well as several historically-significant portal tombs in the area.

The tours are carefully scripted by our professional copywriter to be engaging and easily understandable for visitors, both English speaking and other languages.  Recording the tours involved our signature audio production methodogy, creating a dialogue between two professional voiceovers per language, to deliver a really immersive visitor experience, further enhanced by the addition of bespoke musical idents, created by our award-winning musical producer.

The tours were translated into French, German and Irish, again using two voiceovers per language.  We ensured that the scripts weren’t just translated but were localized to ensure that the resulting audio tours were culturally appropriate and would meet the needs of visitors from overseas.

The audio tours also include excellent verbal directions, the importance of which should never be underestimated for the benefit of our visitor.

Our strong design experience led to the development of a graphic identity and look and feel for the project, including designing maps as part of the visitor information suite as an added navigational tool.  They were also invaluable in signposting to other experiences off the trail to help extend the dwell time of the visitor in destination.  Always keen to look for cost effective solutions for our clients, we designed and produced weather-proof stickers with QR codes to add to existing signage to encourage visitors to download the trails and access the specially-created pdf maps.

Throughout the production, we engaged extensively with local communities and these outputs were woven into the uniquely themed stories which contributed to the overall success of the project.  Stakeholder engagement was also key and we pride ourselves on our ability to develop strong relationships with stakeholders on behalf of our clients.

Find out more about this fascinating region and listen to the Cú Chulainn Journey and the Fionn mac Cumhaill Adventure podcasts.

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