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Apple Watch and the potential within the Tourism Industry

By Felicity McNeice on 7th May 2015

Apple Watch and the potential within the Tourism Industry image

Wearable technology is still a major contender in the technology industry. The Apple Watch is the second major piece of wearable tech to launch in recent months and has already seen a significant uptake with both app developers and consumers investing in the product.

Within the travel technology industry, there is huge potential for wearbale technology and the apple watch. Apps such as Citymapper, Nation Rail Enquiries and Uber have already been developed and all have the potential to help tourists guide their way around new and unfamiliar cities. Other travel-centric apps, including Expedia and TripAdvisor, also indicate that the Apple Watch is a useful product for the tourist.

Even more telling is the development of the airline apps. Both easyJet and British Airways have invested in developing new apps for the product, suggesting that already the Apple Watch is a convenient and useful piece of technology for keeping tourists information in one place, for easy access and for the ever sought after convenience.

In addition to these new apps is the ability for contactless payment through the device. This means there is no longer a need to have a card at hand to make payments. This ability would surely facilitate tourists in their spending habits abroad.

So, where does Oli sit amongst all of this? We believe there is a huge potential for the Apple Watch device and the development and integration of travel apps that can alert tourists as and when they approach a site or landmark of significance, a bar or restaurant which is a must visit, or simply just in providing additional travel and tourism information to the tourist.

As an example we have just developed an iOS travel app for Sion Mills which triggers audio and visual content by your proximity to a point of interest. The apple watch would be an excellent accessory to help you jump between points and even navigate from point to point through offline mapping without the need to take your phone from your pocket.

As we progress into a new R&D phase for internal interpretation apps we will most certainly identify how the apple watch can add to this experience.

Watch this space…

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