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Brand New Sion Mills Interpretative Signage

By Felicity McNeice on 24th April 2015

Brand New Sion Mills Interpretative Signage image

The Sion Stables project has been absolutely fascinating! Learning about this area steeped in culture and heritage has allowed Oli to shape and develop an interactive and distinctly different visitor experience.

Our job has been to take visitors back to a time when the utopian village was booming and to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves with the Herdman family and their culture.

Oli has worked closely alongside the team at Sion Stables to collate an extraordinary amount of historical artifacts and data. These items have been transformed into digitally altered forms in which the visitor can enjoy them without compromising or damaging these items.

As previously mentioned, we had been busy developing a multi-media visitor trail, with an augmented reality app to compliment the interpretative and digitally interactive signage that we feel perfectly captures the historical relevance of Sion Mills. During April, the Oli team created, designed and installed the interpretative and digitally interactive signage for the Sion Stables project. We think they look great, as do the locals who stopped by for a photo! 

The next stage of this exciting programme is to launch the exciting Sion Stables app that will interact with the interpretative and digitally interactive signage. For now, why not pop by Sion Stables and find out more about this beautiful village and check out the brand new signs?

Keep a look out for the latest project updates on Twitter, the Oli News page or the Sion Stables website.

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