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Oli gets started on the exciting Sion Mills project

By Felicity McNeice on 15th February 2015

Oli gets started on the exciting Sion Mills project image

Oli has been working on an exciting new project recently for Sion Mills. Steeped in history, we’re finding the Sion Mills initiative a journey of discovery that we can translate into a fascinating visitor experience for visitors from near and far.

Many people don’t know the incredible story of Sion Mills.

The mill was built in 1835 by James, George and John Herdman from Belfast who spun world-class linen for over 170 years until it closed in 2004. The Herdman family were committed to creating a non-sectarian community.  With this ethos in mind, they developed a village with a close-knit community of all denominations, expanding rapidly with a school, church and recreational facilities. The village acquired over 40 listed buildings, the majority of which still stand today and are part of a Conservation Area as deemed by the government in 1977.  They implemented a healthcare and education system that was so innovative in its day.

We were challenged with bringing this rich story to life for visitors. 

Our job has been to take visitors right back in time and immerse them in the history of the site and engage them with the Herdman family, who were so important in this area.  So we’re developing a multi media visitor trail, with an augmented reality app, and interpretative digital interactive signage that will capture the unique history of the site.

This is a massive project and we’re honoured to be trusted to help tell the story of this Utopian village.

Keep up to date with this project and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and check back to the website for more updates coming soon.

Find out more about the fascinating Sion Mills Building Preservation Trust.

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